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Listing your business on couldn’t be simpler. It only takes a few minutes and immediately puts your business details right at the customers fingertips. The benefits of listing on, or indeed, any business listing website are many and varied but one of the most obvious benefits is getting your business found online.

When you have listed your business and uploaded your content, there are a few simple details to make sure you have properly configured to get the best from your business directory listing.Make sure to keep the following guidelines in mind to make sure you’re getting the best value from your page and giving your potential new customers an easy way to find your business when they need it.

  • Make sure to upload good quality, unique content
  • You may be tempted to cut and paste your about us page from an existing website or go to your company facebook profile and copy the content from there. While this may have been carefully written the first time and is useful information for your customers, it is also considered by search engines to be duplicate content and will be ranked lower in the search engine results. It’s worth taking a little time to rewrite the content you have. You can say the same things, you just have to say it in a different way! Taking the time to re-write your content is probably the single most useful thing you can do to improve your rankings in the search results and help your page to be found.


  • Choose your keywords and make sure to include them in your description
  • You might be the best custom cake shop in the country but if your description doesn’t include the words custom cake shop at least a few times in the content then google and other search engines will never even know you are a custom cake shop! Don’t keep them guessing, state the obvious.


  • Choose good quality images and format them correctly
  • Select some images from your portfolio that best show off your work and present your business as a high quality, professional outfit. If you have an image editor, crop your images to exclude any unnecessary content and re-size them if they are unnecessarily large files. Large, high resolution files will take longer to load and will slow down the overall load time of your page which in turn, will hurt your search engine results. Gallery images really dont need to be more than about 600 pixels wide and 72dpi.


  • Add a cover image and a logo
  • You don’t have to add these but if you have a logo and a good cover image, adding them will immediately set your listing apart from the others. Don’t worry if you haven’t, YooWho will add a default image where necessary and you can always edit your listing to add your own later.


  • Add your location and make sure your map marker is visible on the map
  • listings include a really useful feature which allows users to get step by step directions on Google Maps, taking your customers from your listing page, right to your door in just a couple of clicks. Make sure your address is correct and the live directions are functioning correctly when you complete your listing.


  • Add your social media links
  • If you have a facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, why not make the most of them and add the link for your other pages to your listing? It’s useful for your customers and also provides the search engines with a backlink to your other pages which helps your overall search results across all of your pages and profiles.

It’s worth taking the extra time to make sure you have included all of the most useful information about your business to make sure your listing page looks attractive, is useful to your customers and is easily found by the search engines. If you are unsure how to make the best use of your listing, our Premium+ package is a worthwhile investment to make sure your content is reviewed and configured in the best way possible.


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