Create a handy homescreen shortcut and keep always at your fingertips is a handy local business directory packed with business listings for all types of services in every county in Ireland. Why not keep it handy on your home screen so you can access quickly and easily when you’re out and about? is fully optimised for all screen sizes so you can find a business listing quickly and easily on your phone with all the relevant information displayed in an easy to use and easy to read layout.

So, to save you time entering the web address to your mobile browser every time you want to log on, you can easily add a touch icon to your phones desktop so it’s always there, with a single tap, right when you need it most, just like the rest of your apps.

To add to your home screen, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your phones browser and enter into the address bar
2. Navigate to the homepage
3. Tap the small box with the arrow to bring up the options menu
4. Select “add to home screen”
5. You will have the option to modify the title of the app icon. Enter “” and click save.

That’s it! You will have the touch icon on your desktop so you’re never stuck for a local business or service again, no matter where you may be!

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